1 Lentil Soup

a mildly flavoured lentil soup

750.0 Ft
2 Tomato Shorba

mildly spiced tomato soup

750.0 Ft
3 Curried Chicken Soup

curry based chicken soup

790.0 Ft
4 Lamb Shorba

tasty lambsoup with ginger and garlic

850.0 Ft


6 Mix Vegetable Pakodas

slices of mixed vegetables fried in a gram flour masala batter

1500.0 Ft
7 Onion Bhajia

slices of onion fried in a gram flour masala batter

950.0 Ft
8 Punjabi Samosa

flaky pastry shells stuffed with delicious mixture of potato and peas

900.0 Ft
9 Daal Kabab

a lentil potato cutlet

1050.0 Ft
10 Hara Bara Kabab

flavoured vegetable cutlets

1050.0 Ft
11 Prawn Pakora (6 pcs.)

fried prawn in a mildly spiced gram flour batter

2200.0 Ft

Vegetarian dishes

20 Achari Aloo

potato cubes tossed with pickles

1400.0 Ft
21 Jeer a Aloo

potato cubes tempered with cumin, tomato and coriander

1400.0 Ft
22 Aloo Gobi

potatoes cooked with cauliflower in a mix of spices

1500.0 Ft
23 Kadai Subzi

mixed vegetables in a mix of spices

1600.0 Ft
24 Mushroom Do Pyaza

fresh mushroom cooked with onions in mild spices

1700.0 Ft
25 Bhindi Do Pyaza

ladyfinger cooked with onions and spices

1800.0 Ft
26 Veg Kofta

deep fried vegetable dumpling in a cream based gravy

1800.0 Ft
27 Palak Paneer

cottage cheese cubes cooked in spinach with spices

1900.0 Ft
28 Paneer Makhanwalla

indian cottage cheese cooked in a buttery tomato gravy

1900.0 Ft
29 Paneer Korma

indian cottage cheese simmered in a buttery, spicy gravy

2300.0 Ft
30 Kadai Paneer

cottage cheese tossed with diced onions peppers and spices

2000.0 Ft
31 Paneer Tikka Masala

grilled Indian cottage cheese dressed in a spicy tomato gravy

2100.0 Ft
32 lndigo's Special Paneer

paneer cooked with onions, tomato & peppers

2100.0 Ft
33 Punjabi Chole

chick peas cooked in an onion & tomato gravy

1650.0 Ft
34 Daal Palak

yellow lentils with fresh spinach

1650.0 Ft
35 Tadkewalli Daal

traditional home style cooked yellow daal- an all time favourite

1600.0 Ft
36 Daal Maharani

queen of daals, black lentils and kidney beans cooked slowly, seasoned with spices

1700.0 Ft
37 Baingan Masala

tenderly grilled aubergine cooked with onions and special masalas

1850.0 Ft
38 Paneer Tikka

grilled cottage cheese chunks in a yoghurt tikka marinade

2200.0 Ft
39 Lasooni Tikka

grilled cottage cheese in a garlic cashew marinade

2200.0 Ft
40 Paneer Achari Tikka

grilled cottage cheese with a pickle marinade

2200.0 Ft
41 Sabzi Bahar

assorted marinated vegetable kabab

2200.0 Ft
42 Tandoori Mushroom

grilled spiced mushroom

1900.0 Ft

Chicken dishes

50 Chicken Curry

chicken cooked with onions, tomato & homemade gravy

2500.0 Ft
51 Saagwalla Murg

chicken cooked in a spinach sauce with freshly ground spices

2500.0 Ft
52 Chicken Jalfrezi

roasted pieces of chicken tempered with diced onion and tomato with a tangy flavour

2600.0 Ft
53 Kadai Chicken

chicken pieces tossed with fresh herbs and flavourings, cooked in a kadai

2600.0 Ft
54 Daal Chicken

chicken and yellow lentil in a gravy sauce

2600.0 Ft
55 Chicken Tikka Masala

chicken cubes cooked in a spicy tomato based sauce with vegetables

2700.0 Ft
56 Murg Makhanwalla

roasted pieces of chicken cooked in a rich buttery tomato sauce

2700.0 Ft
57 Chicken Lababdar

chicken cooked in a creamy onion and tomato gravy

2700.0 Ft
58 Pudina Kaali Mirch

chicken pieces in mint. cashew, cream, black pepper gravy

2700.0 Ft
59 Chicken Korma

chicken cooked in an enticing creamy cashewnut sauce with raisins

2800.0 Ft
60 Chicken Vindaloo

a Goan delicacy, chicken cooked in a hot and tangy sauce

2700.0 Ft
61 Madras Curry Chicken

chicken cooked in the classic South Indian coconut Madras curry

2700.0 Ft
62 Tandoori Chicken

chicken seasoned with aromatic spices and roasted in the tandoor

2600.0 Ft
63 Chicken Tikka

boneless chicken pieces marinated with our special masalas and grilled in the tandoor

2200.0 Ft
64 Haryali Tikka

grilled chicken pieces marinated in a green marinade of coriander and mint

2200.0 Ft
65 Banjara Kabab

chicken strips, marinated in mixed hot spices, koriander and ginger

2200.0 Ft
66 Malai Kabab

grilled chicken in a cashew and cheese marinade

2200.0 Ft
67 Kaali Mirch Tikka

grilled chicken in cashew, black pepper and cheese marinade

2200.0 Ft
68 Lasoni kabab

chicken cubes marinated in a garlic sauce

2200.0 Ft
69 Kalmi Kabab

chicken legs in a special marinade

2200.0 Ft
70 lndigo Tricolour Platter

selection of three chicken kababs

2900.0 Ft

Lamb dishes

80 Saagwala Gosht

lamb cubes cooked in a spinach sauce with freshly ground spices

3200.0 Ft
81 Lamb Curry

lamb in a curry sauce

3200.0 Ft
82 Daal Gosht

lamb and yellow lentil in a gravy sauce

3200.0 Ft
83 Lamb Do Pyaza

classic dish from Moghul times, with two kinds of onions

3200.0 Ft
84 Kheema Masala

minced lamb in chef's special style

3200.0 Ft
85 Rogan Josh

lamb cubes cooked in a rich onion and tomato sauce

3200.0 Ft
86 Lamb Korma

a Kashmiri dish cooked with diced lamb in rich cashew sauce and dry fruits

3200.0 Ft
87 Kadai Lamb

lamb pieces tossed with fresh herbs and flavourings, cooked in a kadai

3200.0 Ft
88 Lamb Vindaloo

lamb cubes cooked in a tangy hot sauce, a traditional Goan dish

3200.0 Ft
89 Madras Lamb Curry

lamb cubes cooked in a rich coconut gravy in madras style

3200.0 Ft
90 Marinated lamb Kabab

traditional seasoned and grilled lamb kabab

3200.0 Ft
91 Seekh Kabab

seasoned minced lamb grilled on skewers

3200.0 Ft

Seafood dishes

95 Fish Curry

fish cooked with special indian spices

2900.0 Ft
96 Kadhai Fish

fish pieces tossed with fresh herbs and flavourings, cooked in a kadhai

2900.0 Ft
97 Madras Fish Curry

fish in the classic Madras curry sauce

2900.0 Ft
98 Fish Vindaloo

a Goan dish, fish cooked to perfection in a special hot sauce

2900.0 Ft
99 Prawn Curry

prawn cooked in a curry sauce

3300.0 Ft
100 Prawn Kadhai

prawn cooked in kadhai style with fresh herbs and spices

3300.0 Ft
101 Madras Prawn Curry

prawn in the coconut Madras curry sauce

3300.0 Ft
102 Prawn Vindaloo

a Goan dish, prawns cooked in a special hot sauce

3300.0 Ft
103 Fish Tikka

grilled boneless fish in traditional spices

2900.0 Ft
104 Prawn Tikka (8 pcs.)

grilled prawn's marinated with our special masalas

3500.0 Ft

Rice dishes

105 Steamed Rice

naturally aromatic basmati rice

690.0 Ft
106 Haldi Jeera Rice

steamed rice tossed with cumin and flavoured with turmeric

790.0 Ft
107 Pulao Vegetables

990.0 Ft
108 Pulao Peas

990.0 Ft
109 Pulao Mushrooms

990.0 Ft
110 Pulao Kashmiri style

990.0 Ft
111 Biryani Vegetables

1950.0 Ft
112 Biryani Chicken

2500.0 Ft
113 Biryani Lamb

3100.0 Ft
114 Biryani Prawns

3500.0 Ft

Indian bread selection

115 Tandoori Roti

an unleavened whole wheat bread

500.0 Ft
116 Laccha Paratha

layered flat bread

600.0 Ft
117 Pudina Paratha

whole wheat bread with fresh mint

600.0 Ft
118 Aloo Paratha

with flavoured potato stuffing

650.0 Ft
119 Plain Naan

inian flat bread baked in the tandoor

500.0 Ft
120 Butter Naan

butter flat bread

650.0 Ft
121 Chilly Garlic Naan

flat bread topped with flavoured garlic and chilly

650.0 Ft
122 Kashmiri Naan

special naan with nuts and raisins

690.0 Ft
123 Onion Kulcha

soft onion bread

650.0 Ft
124 Paneer Kulcha

suffed with seasoned homemade cottage cheese

750.0 Ft
125 Kheema Naan

flat bread stuffed with minced lamb

1200.0 Ft
126 Assorted Bread Basket

(Roti, Potato, Mint, Paneer, Chilly-garlic)

2500.0 Ft

Salads and Raitas

130 Kachumber

sliced Indian salad

650.0 Ft
131 Yoghurt

plain yoghurt

550.0 Ft
132 Raita Cucumber

cucumber in flavoured yoghurt

700.0 Ft
133 Raita Mix Veg

mixed vegeatbles in a mildly spiced yoghurt

700.0 Ft
134 Fresh Green Salad

selected vegetables with green chilly and lemon

850.0 Ft
135 Onion Masala

fresh red onion marinated with spices and lime juice

500.0 Ft
136 Sliced Onion

sliced onion with green chilly and lime

550.0 Ft


140 Gulab jamun

deep fried milg dough balls, served in hot in a sweet syrup

790.0 Ft



thin crispy snack

150.0 Ft

sauce coriander, tamarind

300.0 Ft

green chilly peppers (2pcs)

100.0 Ft

Soft drinks (0.33)


450.0 Ft
Cola Light

450.0 Ft
Fanta orange

450.0 Ft

450.0 Ft

Mineral water

Szentkirályi Sparkling (0.5)

410.0 Ft
Szentkirályi Still (0.5)

410.0 Ft

Indian drinks

Mango Lassi

750.0 Ft